The Westwood Funds provide investors with institutional investment expertise that is focused on the goal of consistently delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns.

The Westwood Funds are advised by Westwood Management Corp., an investment company that was formed over 32 years ago. Westwood Holdings Group, Inc., the parent company of Westwood Management Corp., trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "WHG."

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Westwood was founded in 1983 out of a fierce commitment to give investors a trustworthy investment solution. To this day, our primary objective is to protect our clients' capital.

  • Pure focus. Our sole business is investment management. We are focused on the conservative, value-oriented investment management philosophy that has helped our clients succeed over multiple market cycles.
  • Solid foundation. We run our business like those we invest in: conservative, stable, and shareholder friendly. As a public company, our financials, operations and internal controls are subject to multiple layers of oversight, including internal and external audit. We seek to maintain a solid balance sheet with no debt. This allows our employees to focus on their mission of serving our clients.
  • Culture. We recognize that our most important asset is our people. We strive to create an environment that allows our professionals to succeed and thrive. We are a team-based organization that encourages independent thinking. Opinions are challenged but always respected. All employees have meaningful ownership in the firm via equity-based compensation; this ensures their interests are clearly aligned with our clients.
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